The Evolution Stoneware Pottery Studio

This is the Evolution Stoneware Pottery studio where Janis Wilson Hughes creates all of her handmade functional and decorative pots from start to finish.

Mugs on display

Finished Wares on Display

Shelves around the studio are used to store and display finished wares.

So many different types and colors of pots.

Tables and shelves

Work Tables and Shelves

These work tables are canvas covered to prevent the clay from sticking to the surface while working. The lower shelves serve to store many tools, pottery books, and pottery magazines. The tall shelves store greenware and bisqueware waiting for more work.

It's great to have so much work space.
My handy husband built all of these pieces of furniture for me.

Kiln and wheel

The Kilns

These are the electric kilns that I use to bisque and glaze fire my pots. They both use an oxidation process because oxygen is present inside the kilns during firing. The presence of oxygen influences the color of the glazes and the clay. The small kiln is a manual Skutt 181, and the large kiln is a computer controlled Skutt 1027.

Kiln Firing Info
Bisque to cone 04
Glaze to cone 6

Slab Roller

The Slab Roller

I use this Northstar slab roller to roll out perfectly even, flat slabs of clay that I form into many different kinds of pots including trays, soap dishes, and wavy bowls. Sometimes I store recently used buckets of glaze underneath along with extra canvas.

I use slab mats to generate a smooth surface.
Sometimes I use this space to alter sculptural forms.

Tiles and cones

Glaze Tiles and Cone Packs

I make glaze tiles for reference so I know what to expect of a certain glaze on a particular clay. The cone packs help me determine if the kiln is reaching the proper temperature.

Tiles show glaze color.
Cones bend over at certain temperatures.


The Wheel

I use a Shimpo RK Whisper potters wheel to throw pots. In this photo, it's set up with a cushion around the rim of the splash pan to keep my fore arms comfortable when I'm throwing large pots. I keep a small table nearby with various throwing tools.

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