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Making Groovy Mugs DVD

Evolution Stoneware Pottery presents this master class from Janis Wilson Hughes on making groovy mugs. Learn how to throw a groovy form, make extruder dies to create custom handles, attach handles to compliment the form, and apply glazes. Plus, in this edition, you'll get Janis's cone 6 oxidation glaze recipes and a bonus synopsis on making the custom clay pottery tools used to make this form. Let's get groovy!

Chapters: 1. Intro 2. Tool Overview 3. Form Factor 4. Throwing 5. Handle Dies 6. Handle Attachment 7. Glazing 8. Bonus Tool Making 9. Credits

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Custom Clay Pottery Tools Part 1 & 2 DVDs

In Part 1, learn the new concept of making your own custom ribs and throwing sticks out of clay. Techniques for making many different kinds of pottery tools are presented in easy to follow, step-by-step instructions with design, forming, firing, and usage tips. Duration: 1 hour 9 minutes.

Chapters: 1. Intro 2. Concept 3. Design 4. Considerations 5. Making Flat Ribs 6. Making Cupped Ribs 7. Making Throwing Sticks 8. Firing Your Tools 9. Polishing Your Tools 10. Conclusion 11. Preview Part 2 - Using Custom Tools 12. Credits

In Part 2 put your tools to work throwing and altering pots. Learn new ways to simplify making matching sets of curvy pots as well as creating challenging, complex contours with the help of your custom tools. Duration 1 hour 44 minutes.

Chapters: 1. Intro 2. Working on the Wheel 3. Bowl Project 4. Curvy Mug Project 5. Bamboo Mug Project 6. Small Bamboo Mug Project 7. Spice Jar Project 8. Bulbous Mug Project 9. Bulbous Bottle Vase Project 10. Pagoda Bottle Project 11. Credits

This series is great for potters at all levels of experience. Save money on tool expenses, customize your tool kit to the max, and make your own pots highly unique with the Custom Clay Pottery Tools video series. Click disk images above to order. See Part 1 & 2 video excerpts below for more information.

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Available year round at The State Botanical Garden of Georgia in Athens.

Available at the Jill Underhill Gallery in Harbert, MI.

Around Atlanta check out my work at the Raiford Gallery in Roswell, &
MudFire in Decatur, GA.

In the Smokey Mountains my work is at the Boones Creek Potter's Gallery in Johnson City, TN.

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