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Below are pictures from my personal life.
Here's some personal information about me. I consider myself a native of Johnson City, Tennessee, although I lived in several towns during my early childhood. I have a degree in Chemical Engineering with an Environmental specialization from Auburn University. For 11 years I worked as a research scientist and process engineer doing polymer based material development and manufacturing support at Kimberly-Clark, Corp. I was making a career as a scientist when I took my first pottery class back in 2002. I was immediately hooked on clay. While I was inventing new elastic materials and filing lots of patents at work (I am proud to have 9 granted patents), I was building my own studio and spending all my free time making pots, experimenting with glazes, and juggling sales. In spare moments at work I sketched new pottery designs and formulated glaze recipes to try.

Finally an opportunity arose for me to focus on pottery full time in 2009, and I took it! Some of my peers, friends, and family were baffled by this extreem career change, but I had to follow my heart. I haven't looked back once since taking the great leap. I follow my heart and my interests in the designs I create, and I'm thankful that I have found galleries, exhibitions, and publications like Clay Times Magazine and Pottery Making Illustrated Magazine that support, sell, and publish my work. I am also blessed to have found a wonderfully supportive group of artist friends and art lovers (in person and on the internet) who give me encouragement and inspiration daily. In addition to teaching adult pottery classes, I have recently started sharing my techniques through workshops, 'how-to' articles for pottery magazines, and full length instructional DVDs. I'm excited to put my all into my daily journey as a full time clay artist.

These days I'm simply a happy potter.

Now that I've spouted a 1000 words already, check out some personal pictures below.

Janis at Hilton Head Solo Show

Cycles of Vitality

This is me with some of my work in my solo show Cycles of Vitality.

The show was on Hilton Head Island in 2014.

Janis at Auburn

Janis at Auburn

This is me in front of Langdon Hall at the main entrance to campus.

Chemical Engineering school was really hard work for me.



This is my sweet doggie Cassie who passed away in 2013.

She was an amazing soul and perfect studio companion.



This is my crazy girl Luna who I adopted from animal control.

She's a spunky girl - 1/2 Parson Russell Terrier and a mix of Rhodesian Ridgeback and Vizla.



This sweet guy is Persey.

He's a JRT. I adopted from a wonderful organization called Georgia Jack Russell Rescue.


My Husband Rob

This is my wonderful husband Rob with me at our wedding reception.

Keep your hands off ladies - he's mine!


Me and My Sister Debbie

This is my sister Dr. Debbie Wilson.

People say we look alike. What do you think?


My Mother Linda

This is my mom Linda.

Mom lives by the beach.



My Father Eldon

This is my dad E.B.

Dad lives in Bristol, Tennessee with my step-mother Linda.



This is Rob and I with my mother-in-law Judy visiting her brother Jim Caldwell.

We're in Whitewater, Wisconsin.

Rob & Cassie

Rob & Cassie Window Gazing

Something looks interesting out the window.

What the heck do they see??

Fossil Hunting

Fossil Hunting

My mom taught me how to find shark's teeth and all kinds of fossils at the beach.

This was at St. George Island


Luna Hanging Out

Luna has such crazy ears and fur.

But I think she's absolutely adorable.

Seth and Rachel

Old Friends

These are my friends Seth and Rachel hamming it up.

Old friends are the best kind, right?

Just Married

Just Married - In Jamaica!

My friend Rachel married Rob's friend Ron.

It's a small world!



This is Rob and me in Punta Cana with a couple Presidentes on our honeymoon.

Can we go back? Please?

Up a Tree

Up a Tree!

Rob and I climbed a catawba tree in Tampa.

Their roots grow down from the limbs. Cool trees!

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